What we do…

Little Pig 3 has been created to provide straightforward, commercial, strategic employment law support using a new business model, one based around what clients really want and need.

Hannah qualified in 2006 as a Solicitor and has specialised in employment law ever since. She is now a non-practising Solicitor and is passionate about delivering a modern approach to employment law services, without losing any of the technical ability but by being more straight-forward, client focussed and fun to work with.

Hannah will provide you with the tools to manage your people in a way which helps you to drive your business forward.

Her services include:

  • Employment document audits and drafting
  • Employment law advice and support retainers
  • Ad hoc support and advice
  • Employment Tribunal Representation and Advocacy
  • Training
  • Advice around exiting senior employees
  • Managing the negotiation process and drafting settlement agreements

Want to know how we can support your business? Email hannah@littlepig3.com

“I am proud to deliver the first true ‘cradle to grave’ employment law support business in the UK. Little Pig 3 Limited provides HR advice, employment law support and Tribunal representation and advocacy services. Every aspect of employment law support wrapped up in one package.”

Hannah Strawbridge, MD